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My Experience Moving JaredDev to Gatsby & Netlify


The Reason

Recently all the chatter has been about static sites and while I understood them in theory I had yet to actually use one. Since I'm primarily a React developer I wanted to use one that allowed me to build everything with React components. I also wanted to move off of a platform that required me to have a server stood up for content that really doesn't need to be dynamic.

The Move

I didn't actually want to invest a whole lot of dev time in building a site from scratch so I elected to grab a starter and just build from there. I'm no designer so the chances of me building something better than what was there...unlikely!

I ended up landing on gatsby-v2-tutorial-starter! It gets as close to 100's across the board as you can (without it being all 100's) when running a Lighthouse test.

After that it was shockingly easy to make the switch! I spent more time just moving the content than I did working on standing the site up!

Changes Performed

About the only changes I made before launching the updated blog was to change the fonts to ones that I liked a bit more. I also needed to add the Google Analytics plugin since it isn't included by default.

Changes Remaining

The only thing left that I wish this starter had is to have it support MDX. At the moment there isn't an immediate need for MDX support so I'm not wanting to spend that time just yet. As soon as I need to include a React component in a post I'll put that work in.

Final Thoughts

I was blown away by how easy it was to get the blog converted over from OctoberCMS (which is an excellent platform by the way). Everything ran incredibly smooth and I actually wish I had spent the time to get the move done earlier!