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Updated List of Programming Fonts With Ligatures


An Update On Fonts With Ligatures

I previously wrote about adding a font with ligatures to VS Code. At the time I could only find three fonts, Hasklig, Fira Code, and Monoid. Those are all excellent fonts, but I like having choices so I went looking for some new ones! I've not tried a lot of these yet, but wanted to put this list out there to see if it helps someone else while I start testing these!

Droid Sans Based Fonts

Name Base Font Ligature Style
Borg Sans Mono Droid Sans Mono Slashed Hasklig
DroidCode Droid Sans Mono FiraCode

Consolas Based Fonts

Name Base Font Ligature Style
Consolas Ligaturized Standard Consolas FiraCode
L-Consolas Consolas unknown

DejaVu Sans Mono Based Fonts

Name Base Font Ligature Style
DV Code DejaVu Sans Mono FiraCode
DejaVu Sans Code DejaVu Sans Mono unknown

Operator Mono Based Fonts

Name Base Font Ligature Style
Operator Mono Lig Operator Mono FiraCode
Operator Mono Ligatures
Offers several variations
Operator Mono FiraCode

Other Fonts

I've grouped together a few fonts that don't share a common base font like the ones above.

Name Base Font Ligature Style
Designed for C# developers
Source Sans Pro unknown
Fixedsys Excelsior unknown unknown
Inconsolata + JavaScript Ligatures Inconsolata FiraCode
Firicio FiraCode + Pacifico for italics FiraCode
(Korean font)
unknown unknown

Korean Font

The last font, D2Coding, is the only font that I found that was specifically built for another language! So if you are looking for a Korean font that has ligatures give it a go!


You can now turn your favorite font, that doesn't contain ligatures, into one that does! There is an open source project called Ligaturizer. Using this library allows you to take the ligatures from one font and add them to one of your choosing! If you make a new font, let me know so I can get it added!